Soap with olive oil, St. John Wort Oil, red Hawai salt & red clay Expand

Soap with olive oil, St. John Wort Oil, red Hawai salt & red clay




Bio Soap Dimitra with olive oil, St. John Wort Oil, red Hawai salt & red clay is ideal for the hands face & body.85gr

The soap Dimitra is ideal for the cleansing of the hands, face & body. Suitable for all types of skin.

It cleanses effectively without irritating, with velvet foam to make your skin soft and refreshed.

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The red Hawai salt is a natural product created during tides & mixed with red clay

It keeps away the toxins from the body & treats the skin

The red clay, nowadays, is considered ideal for the skin revitalization.

Its high content in iron oxides accelerates the revitilizasion of the cells, enhancing the skin & offering radiance.

Its use is implicitly recommended in cases where the skin has got scars, stretch marks, nettlerrash,  caused by broken blood vessels, bruises . 

It detoxes the skin. It contains mineral elements that boost the skin & offer radiance. Ideal for all types of skin. Suitable for daily care of the hands & the body.

Rich in vitamin E, it reverses the aging procedure & it makes the skin more radiant. As a powerful anti-oxidant, vitamin E protects the collagen fibres from the disastrous effects of the free roots which lead to wrinkles, it releaves from dryness and promotes skin softness. It combines the nutritious qualities of oil olive with the antiseptic qualities of St. John Wort Oil. It acts as natural hydration which contributes to the preservation of the natural body freshness.


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