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Myrro started as an idea that quickly became reality. The word μυρρο (myrro) comes from the words μύω (myo) and ρέω (rheo), meaning to "flow from within". "Myo" translates as „emerging“ and is used to express the first sight, the ineffable and generally the occult and secret. “Reo” means „flowing, gushing“. Our main motivation is to spread and enrich our knowledge gained after years of study, experimentation and personal research. /p>

With the knowledge of the biologist (Bsc Biology) with postgraduate specialisation in the use of medicinal plants (Msc Plantas Medicinales) and that of the pharmacist (Bsc Pharmacy) as our scientific base in combination with experience and creativity, we carry on with love for human and nature.

We have made it our mission to create products of high quality at a reasonable price that cover the contemporary needs of people. Those people who want to know exactly what is used in our products, where it comes from and under which conditions it was produced. 

As much as possible we look for local production and its products, to support small Greek suppliers who produce raw materials of highest quality, or we choose small manufacturers from abroad for those certified organic ingredients that are not available at that quality in Greece. For organic ingredients imported from outside of Europe, we take care to always choose companies that comply with the standards of fair trade.

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